ACANA Dog Food Creates Happy, Healthy, Shiny Dogs

The fur-loving folks over at K9Cuisine have etched out an impressive little market corner for themselves with high-protein premium dog food brands that are made in the USA, and offer a variety of flavors with innumerable benefits. The top-of-the-line natural dog foods and treats at are reasonably priced and will surely provide your Fluffy or Rufus with the remunerations he needs.

We tried the new line of ACANA dog food from the dog-and-cat-lovers at after being sent a bag to try. It’s a quality dog food that Brisket, our 5-year-old Pittie mix, absolutely loved. (Good because we picked it from a massive line of K9Cuisine’s premium dog foods….)

Brisket had been having trouble eating breakfast in particular – okay, she actually protested and started flat-out refusing to eat the plain dry Rachel Ray dog food she was accustomed to getting. Picky? Maybe.

Waiting for dinner so there’s gravy in the foodAcana dog food review? Perhaps. Annoyed that there’s plain dry kibble in her bowl that’s no longer tasty or appealing? Me thinks so…The morning I mixed in the ACANA Singles Duck and Pear Formula, she inhaled her breakfast in less than four minutes. I was shocked to say the least! I was so happy, but shocked!

Over the course of the next month, we would notice that Brisket was super-shiny, undoubtedly from the duck. We also noticed that she actually ate her breakfast every day, which means, to her, the kibble is delicious. Brisket has terrible skin allergies and hot spots, too.

She also suffers from anxiety. The ACANA formula coated her skin like baby oil, and she is itching and scratching much less now. She also lost five pounds from eating the famous limited-ingredient formula.

Retailing at under $75 for a massive 25-lb bag, which lasted us a month, you can’t go wrong on price with ACANA or with K9 Cuisine. ACANA’s tasty kibble is made right here in horse country, Kentucky, USA, with free-run Muscovy duck and real Bartlett pears.

The ACANA dog food bags will actually tell you where, down to the county or city, each major ingredient came from! Cool! Check some of the other awesome features of the ACANA Singles Duck and Pear Formula:

  • Biologically Appropriate™: rich in protein and limited carbs
  • Wholeprey™ Single: duck flesh, liver, giblets and cartilage
  • First ingredient from raw or Muscovy duck; formula is 50% free-run duck ingredients
  • High Palatability: infused with freeze-fried duck liver
  • Fresh and Local: Kentucky-grown veggies, fruits and botanicals make up 50% of the formula
  • No grains, tapioca, gluten, potato or plant protein concentrates

Brisket the Pittie in her fancy scarf after her ACANA breakfast!

One of the best results we found with this natural dog food is Brisket’s increased energy and happiness levels. She is going for an additional walk a day, is significantly more playful and is willing to spend time learning new commands more often now. Brisket is now more than willing to focus (OMG! Less ADD!) on the bunnies, squirrels and other small wildlife that fill the yard; she’s got more pep in her step on her walks (and they’re two blocks longer); and finally, Brisket lets me dress her up now, haha! (See picture)

If you’re looking to switch your Fido or Fluffy to a new food, I highly suggest you look into ACANA and what the specific protein-enriched, grain-free formulas can do for your pooch.

Working with pet nutritionists, K9Cuisine even developed a simple online dog food rating tool that allows fans/customers to see how a particular dog food rates based on their formula. That tool is here:

Though this tool is not all-encompassing (as there are many more factors to consider when choosing a food for your pet), it does serve as an easy-to-use tool that allows you to identify the overall nutritional value of the food and/or if you need to research the food even further.

Trust me; you want to try this out. It’s not only an inventive idea, but a very helpful/useful tool in deciding what to feed your dog.

The other thing I’d laud about this brand, besides proven healthy and affordable food options and the food-finder tool, is their effort in the non-profit animalNebraska Humane Society welfare community; they’re quite active in helping shelters, homeless animals and rescue pets across the country.

For example, this summer, K9Cuisine is donating over 1,700 pounds of pet food to the Nebraska Humane Society’s Pet Food Pantry, a free community resource designed to help pet owners that have fallen on hard times by ensuring the pets have what they need.

I’m sure as pet parents you’ve noticed these types of new-fangled animal angels around your town – Cleveland has a handful of smaller pet food pantries at this time that I donate to.

A great choice for a corporate donation in my eyes, The Nebraska Humane Society (NHS) has another program called Project Pet Safe worth applauding; it helps to keep pets in foster homes while families may be in transition due to domestic violence.

Another winner is the non-profit’s AniMeals program, which delivers pet food to the elderly and disabled who are homebound or are otherwise unable to leave their homes.

fast-free-shipping-bannerFounded in 2007, was one of the first online pet retailers that specialized in providing only healthy food options for both dogs and cats. Since then, they’ve shipped tens of thousands of orders and have become a leader in online pet food delivery.

And since then, K9Cuisine has built an extremely well-known reputation for unbeatable customer service as its associates pride themselves in treating all customers like family.